Brotar Enterprise has two category of members
The Ordinary Members and the Partners.
To become a partner, you need to be a member first, then you can become a partner with Project 360.
Brotar Enterprise is a membership based company, therefore it is required
for you to pay a non-refundable registration fee of N10,000 to become a member of Brotar.
As an Ordinary Member of Brotar
*You will be receiving agricultural ebooks (plants & animals) from us intermittently
*You will have access to all the seeds/seedlings, with other farm
inputs at a subsidized rate and also get all other financial benefits
Brotar has to offer.
*You will have access to low cost online/physical training/support/mentorship programs
You will have free access to information and opportunities trending in our
business world and will be able to partake.

These are Some Benefits You Stand To Gain With Brotar Enterprise
✔ Brotar welcome pack
✔ 2% Commissions on partnership referrals
✔ Good seeds/seedlings at subsidized rate
✔ Organized Quality training with certification
✔ Consultancy
✔ A model that helps you raise funds to do agriculture without going to the bank
✔ Off taker packages
✔ Modern farming technology
✔Good livestock
✔ Member of Cooperative Groups (optional)
Enjoy our innovative smart farming training (Organic Sack Farming).
Subscribe and Register as a member with Brotar Enterprise today and enjoy
these benefits and more.