Â. MENTORING is an archetypal process of consulting with an adviser with an archetypal point of view, who helps guide and make the needed shifts to gain congruence with your life dreams and goals.


Get 1-to-1 guidance from an experienced organic sack farmer who can show you:

Best practices for organic sack type of farming operation;

How to get your farm ready for certification;

Insider secrets to JumpStart your farm!

Cost to be mentored (includes registration to Brotar Enterprise membership N20,000

Use this form to apply to be mentored.

Demand for organic products is greater than current production. More organic farmers are needed. However, farmers can find it overwhelming to understand the regulations and best organic practices to follow on their farm. Today’s successful organic farmers reached this point by helping each other improve their operations. But, finding an experienced organic farmer isn’t easy when organic accounts for less than 2% of agricultural production in Nigeria. Brotar Enterprise Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring Program makes these farmer connections, and facilitates sharing of information, with the goal of building strong organic communities throughout the country.

How the Mentoring Program works

Mentorships are available at any of our farms ( locations will be listed here later). The program encourages the success of new organic farmers by providing guidance as they modify their operations to meet organic standards. Mentors share practical information about organic farming methods and NOAN regulations, offering insights that come from years of experience.

This program is different from internship programs; the mentored farmer is not required to help on the farm, unless we both feel this would be beneficial. Instead, the mentor visits the mentored farmer twice in the year, and is available to answer questions by phone and email. Mentored farmers also may visit the mentor’s farm. We will work together to tailor the mentorship for your situations.

Requirements for Mentored Farmers

Applicants must have been farming for at least one year. We have found that farmers at this stage have more experience with basic farming issues, and know where they need guidance. Mentored farmers pay N20,000 to our bank account.

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