It’s a project that gives room for individuals to invest in the cultivation of some food crops (Castor, Beans, Cucumbers, some fast growing profitable vegetables, cassava, plantain and also livestock) based on 50 acres of land, we offer 100% ROI after 6 months of investment.

You could become a partner with Brotar Enterprise in the Project 360 and benefit from proceed from agricultural activities – wherever you live!
We have partners from all over the country partnering with us.
Now’s your chance to become a partner with us and be a part of our unique farming projects.
We farm and sell, organic food for both local and international market. We then invest our profits into activities to reconnect people to the land where their food is grown.

Every business faces one challenge or the other at a point in time, in case we find ourselves in any challenge, we promise our partners a full refund of their capital. (No capital loss).

Project360 is very much of and for everyone, involving local people in all aspects of our work:


The minimum amount an individual can invest is N100,000 while the maximum is N5,000,000 for an individual.
For example, an individual that invested N100,000 in January will get N200,000 in July. He is guaranteed to get back N100, 000 from an investment of N100,000 over a period of 6 months. This illustration applies to all investment value for this project.
Your partnership will also be used to:
– invest in equipment essential to making us more resilient in the future.
– build up our reserves to put us in a more stable position for the challenges faced.
– buy more farmlands which will enable us to plant Castor, Pineapple, expand our catfish and snail farms, which we have standby off-takers for.

To become a partner, you need to be a member first, then send a mail of application to